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READ is a digital asset tokens based on blockchain technology issued by the Singapore-based non-profit SuperString_ Foundation (which approved by ACRA,Singapore), representing read rights in SuperString_ protocol , The total is limited and can not be issued additional, all transactions on the chain are transparent and can be found

The total supply of READ is 2.1 billion , generated through the mining algorithmof writing, READ's production halved every two years, getting harder as time goes by, therefore, the pre-participation get more advantages.


  • A blockchain-based cryptocurrency incentive ecosystem

    Writers don’t need to rely on the platform ; Writers have 100% ownership of copyrights ; Writing gain income ; Readers read for free.

  • Copyright Investment Ecology of Literary works

    SuperString designs an investment ecosystem for writers to survive at the early-stage zero-income period and investors to participate in by investment to support their books and also win the rights of sharing profit of the book.

  • IP Copyrights certification and trading ecosystem

    Blockchain technology can perfectly eliminate copyrights disputes. Tampering is not possible once on the chain and on-chain timestamp will prove the ownership. Also, On-chain copyrights trading is also available.

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