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READ is a digital asset based on blockchain technology, representing the rights of reading. Its production process is closely related to writer's writing and reader's interaction, readers must make some contribution to the works before they can be obtained. It will serve as a medium of contribution resources between writers and readers, inspire writers to create outstanding works, and allow readers to enjoy a high-quality reading experience.

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The READIO is an original content protocol based on blockchain technology, committed to creating a worldwide online original content incentive system by blockchain technology. READIO covers original content distribution and incentives, copyright investment, copyright derivatives trading and other fields. The first goal of the READIO will start from the field of online literature, with the block chain to redefine the online literary ecology, and then gradually expand to comic, online drama and other original content areas. Website:

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The READIO Foundation is a non-profit foundation established under the approval of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore under the category Public company limited by guarantee.
As the main body of READIO governance, the READIO Foundation will regulate the ecological technology development and application development of READIO, maintain the rights of READ holders, and promote the READIO brand and so on. ABOUT